About Super Gay Gnomes

Super Gay Gnomes was born out of a silent protest, a pandemic, and a love of gnomes that sashayed on the line of an obsession. 
During the start of two week quarantine lock down I started to repaint the many garden gnomes I had in vibrant colors, glitter, and rainbows. This was a way to pass time, get creative, and host a constant, silent protest to annoy a neighbor that I believed to be homophobic. As the collection grew I began to view my "gnomo" family as not just a protest but as a calling card to any fellow members of the LGBTQIA community that they were not alone and there was a friend near by. 
As two weeks turned into months and my collection grew, I started to make gnomes for friends and family, without being entirely sure they wanted them. the more I made the more creative and detailed they became. I had a friend give me a gnome of his to "convert" and I went all out. The more people who saw them, the more requests I got. I decided to give it a go and posted a few I had for "adoption" and the response and love was mind blowing. My little gay gnomes were bringing as much happiness to everyone else as they were for me!
Since then I have been working hard encouraging cute, but very basic, gnomes to live their lives in their true, colorful selves. Taking up all the space and attention they deserve. 
Thank you so much for being a part of my dream and supporting the LGBTQIA gnome community with us.