Some news and apologies/explanations!

Posted by Maura Bennet-Martins on

If you are reading this, thank you!!

I first want to apologize for doing the absolute BARE MINIMUM with this site. I know I should do more, but web stuff is so over my head and I get overwhelmed and avoid it. So I am sorry. 
As it is, I am writing this from bed on my phone.

Very professional, I know. 

The mailing list, I don’t know how to use it, but thank you for signing up. Someday I might figure it out. 

The end of October marks 6 months of Super Gay Gnomes being official! 

I also finally got the COPYRIGHTS for my gnome designs!!! 

What I am focusing on next is doing a Kickstarter. I am running out of gnomes and have for someone to manufacture them, but I need to buy them in bulk, like 1000, and have them made. So that will take time and money. 

I really can’t thank all of you enough for the love and support. Because of you, my whole life has changed and I am able to live my dream and be able to put a life time of art classes to use! 
thank you for being a part of my super gay army, I know we can turn this into a Super Gay EMPIRE!

love y’all!!